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Servicing, Repairs & Postage

Professional Dog Clippers - Any make
Lightweight Dog Clippers - Any make - Resharpen & Adjust
Horse, Cattle, Sheep Clippers - Any make
Stand Dryers
Hand Dryers

There will be a standing charge of £5.00 + pp+VAT per estimate when an unrepaired item is requested to be returned.
Please state any problems you are having with your clippers when you send them in. Intermittent faults, sometimes do not show up on test, and if you have only instructed us to service and the fault does not show, we assume they have been working O.K. We can test them on a testbed and cannot work them, so it is in your interest to give us as much information as possible.

Cutterhead, Blade and Scissor Resharpening

As with clippers, if you are having problems with cutterheads and blades, tell us and we put a note on the problem heads. All problems can be solved if we know about it , don't just assume if cutterheads are not working correctly that it's the sharpness, there are many other factors that can cause none cutting and it takes special checking to cure.


Protect your environment!

Electronic devices and batteries, rechargeable or not, should not be disposed of into ordinary household waste. Instead, they must be recycled properly to protect the environment and also to cut down the waste of precious resources. All new electrical and electronic products sold now carry the ‘crossed out wheelie bin’ logo to help you identify which products are recyclable.

When you buy from us any new electrical grooming equipment such as clippers and dryers, we offer a free recycling service. Just send us the old equipment that you have replaced and we will recycle it free-of-charge. Please ensure that you include your name and order reference on any return.